Required diopter in glasses to improve vision

Required diopter in glasses
to improve vision

To improve vision and then maintain good vision, eyes need good conditions:
work, but not too tired.
For this purpose it is important to wear glasses or contact lenses half the diopter lower than your ideal vision.

Hello friends to prevent visual impairment and also to improve your eyesight. It is very important to select the correct diopter for glasses and optical lenses. My name is Eoshua Malinsky I am the founder and director of the Malinsky Institute. Our institute has been specializing in improving eyesight and improving our eyes with natural methods for 13 years and is now leading in this area in Israel. To maintain good vision and to improve it. We need to learn that we want to create good conditions for the eyes. So that your eyes work but not get tired. on glasses or optical lensesWe were always about half a dioptre less than your excellent vision. Why is it so important? The fact is that when a diopter is 100% suitable for good vision in the distance, this usually leads to fasting. To a clear vision loss. especially at a young age. It also hinders the improvement of vision. The vision deteriorates for 2 reasons 1) reason number one is when we look into the distance the optical system of the eyes almost does not workAnd why? After all, all work is done by glasses. You don’t need to change anything if you can see it well. It’s like a situation when we come to a building and we need to go up to the third floor. The goal is to go up to the third floor. Option 1 to go up the stairs – yes. In this case, we’ll be a little tired. – it will be an excellent workout.2 Take the elevator. In this case, the goal was achieved faster and easier. But there was no training. If you do this to stand up – our body will atrophy, and then it will be hard to climb even a couple of floors. And remember that elevators only happen in buildings. And in order to walk well, you need legs to go camping. With glasses and optical lenses, the situation is the same. The goal is achieved – you can see well but the eyes and the entire system of vision are atrophied. 2) Reason number two When a person looks up close with glasses in which he sees well away. Eyes should be harder to straighten. In order to see well enough near diopter, this is why multifocal glasses are recommended for large diopters. The difference between vision is far and close to about 2 diopters. -6 in order to see well away For near view lenses are used -4

For these two reasons, often people who pursue excellent eyesight with glasses reach high dioptries. The reason why wearing glasses in which is 100% clearly visible far away Prevents improvement in vision is very simple. The point is that when the vision begins to improve. The glasses ruin it again. also that if you put the glasses on the diopter floor higher than you need, you would have discomfort in the eyes at the beginning. But after a couple of weeks, your eyes would be used to it, and you would have a higher diopter. At our institute, when a client improves my vision, we constantly select a suitable diopter. This happens as follows when we see that from 2.5 m a person sees 22 lines, we recommend him to remove less floor-less diopter fields on the diopter floor – This is a difference of about 3.4 lines. Up to 22 lines are already in a smaller diopter. We again recommend removing less diopters on the floor. It is very important to order glasses from professionals. I advise you to order either from a proven professional or In optics who works with the laboratory. Because inaccuracy in the glasses affects the extra tiredness for the eyes. We check it very simply. If a person took the diopters on the floor less and instead of 3 lines he can recognize the numbers 5.6 and more lines higher, then there is a blurring of making glasses. According to our statistics, we noticed that in 30% of cases, i. 3 out of 10 there are fuzziness when preparing glasses. When ordering in laboratories, fuzziness goes down to 10%. At the bottom I will give a link to an eye test you can test yourself. One diopter + \ – 6 lines. a big plus optical lens. They have everything clearly. Well, their disadvantage is that the eyes are a little tired. In general, if you want to find out the pros and cons of glasses, optical lenses, laser eye correction, and various natural ways to improve vision, I wrote a whole guide for this. You can download it completely free of charge. I’m there below the video below. By the way, glasses and optical lenses of excellent quality at affordable prices you can order from us. I will give a link to the store below under the video. We work with leading laboratories for producing glasses in Israel like OPTIMIZE and SAGAM. On our website you can also try on a frame or order a replacement lens on your frame. We plan to open a network of optics stores in which we will primarily teach how to preserve and improve the view in a natural way. it will be great! Wearing too low diopters is also not recommended. We often have cases when a client contacts us whose glasses are much lower than necessary. Or he does not wear glasses despite a fairly high diopter. The fact is that if the diopter is too low two things happen Or the eyes constantly strain, usually the person does not even notice it, and the eyes get very tired during the day, which also leads to deterioration It doesn’t prevent vision from improving or the eyes do not tense to see at all. Because the brain understands that this is unreal. It’s just that someone will tell you. Try to raise the building. I think you won’t even strain. Everything should be. Like in the gym. A good workout when there is muscle tension but not too much. So, if you want to keep your eyesight or improve it, do not chase one hundred percent sight away, but do not stay with too bad eyesight. And always wear glasses or optical lenses on the diopter floor less than one hundred percent vision. If the video was useful, click on like subscribe to the channel and share with friends. Together we will make the world better! If you have any comments, write, we will try to answer everyone.


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