The best exercise to improve vision

The most effective eye exercise called Clarity. With this material, we want to teach you one of the most effective methods of improving vision.

13 years ago, when the Israeli Institute of Eye Health – MALINSKY was founded, we began to study what methods of improving vision already exist. Analyzing Russian and American methods, we decided to put them together and add Eastern practice to them. To find the answer, we began to conduct research in which more than 3000 of our patients took part, the observation of which lasted from six months to a year or more. And here’s what we found out.

After we started helping people and conducting seminars to improve vision, we came across an interesting observation. Despite the fact that many people actually managed to help, some did not get better vision. We were faced with a serious question: “Why?”

הצעד הראשון לשיפור הראייה

How to improve eyesight forever

In many patients who have been successfully assisted by our seminars and practices (that is, who have experienced a significant improvement in vision), after a while, vision began to deteriorate again.

This gave us the idea to build a system that:

  • will help all people;
  • eye exercise will not only improve vision, but strengthen the result.

After all, if we make the same mistakes that negatively affect our eyes, then vision will deteriorate again even after laser correction.

We realized that one of the cornerstones of good vision is to let your eyes relax.

The fact is that new neural connections are constantly being formed in our brain. And when we do the same thing over and over again, it becomes a habit. For example, if you are the driver of a car, and, approaching a traffic light, constantly look to the left and then to the right, then you will do the same, being in the role of a passenger.

The same story happens with vision. When a person suffers, for example, from myopia (that is, he does not see well in the distance), then when looking at a distant distance, the person automatically strains his eyes. After undergoing a course of treatment, vision returns to normal, but the habit does not disappear anywhere! A person also strains his eyes when looking into the distance, although this is no longer required.

All that is required is to get rid of the addiction of eye strain. More precisely, not just getting rid of a bad habit, but replacing it with a normal one. That is, when looking into the distance, you need to relax your gaze. This will be the focus of our exercise to restore vision.

Ask anyone with good eyesight and they will be able to confirm that when you look into the distance, the eyes relax, not vice versa. Therefore, we must “teach” our eyes to relax again.

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Vision problems due to strained eyes come from two reasons

The First reason

Relaxed eyes when looking into the distance is the work of the subconscious. And when our consciousness conflicts with the subconscious (straining our eyes while focusing our gaze on a distant object), this is always not very good.
Imagine that after eating, when the subconscious mind requires rest, you begin to actively engage in sports. Your body is unlikely to like it.

The Second reason

If your eyes are strained during the day, then such colossal fatigue accumulates in the evening that it harms your eyesight. The first bond we must break is eye strain when looking into the distance. The second bond to break is excessive blinking and squinting. When a person sees poorly, frequent blinking, as well as squinting, helps in a short-term increase in clarity. As a consequence, when vision is restored, the habit does not go away, and each blinking and squinting, automatically, causes eye strain. The eyes need to rest, they already work from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep.
Habit is a serious matter, although, at first glance, it does not seem so. For example, if we walked the N-th number of times across the field, bypassing some stones or other obstacles, then a trodden path will form, along which we will constantly walk, because it seems easier to us. Exactly on the same principle habits are formed. Our task is to get rid of ineffective habits and replace them with effective ones. It’s tricky but worth it. After all, first we work to correct the habit, and then the habit works for us. Now let’s look at our eye exercise.

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Most effective eye exercise

Take any small object that has a highly visible texture or has something written on it.

First, we look at the object up close. It is very important to relax as much as possible. If you don’t know how to completely relax, do it as much as you can. Relax with breathing and thoughts.

Most of us do not know how to relax. And if you also do not know how yet, then you need to learn. Know that the first step, the first step in improving your vision, is the ability to relax.


Following. Close your eyes. Try to relax even more, take a few breaths in and out. You should take the form of a seated sleeping person (i.e. relax your neck). Imagine that you are sleeping while standing. Fell asleep and completely relaxed.

Open your eyes. The gaze should fall under your feet. And you, without straining your eyes, slowly and relaxedly, raise your head, but do not look at anything, do not focus your gaze.

It is very important not to strain your eyes, but to let them do as they should. Your task in this exercise is to look into the distance without straining your eyes. That is, letting the eyes work as they did with good vision.

Don’t be alarmed. During exercise, you may experience tears or a burning sensation in the corners of your eyes. This is completely normal and natural. It’s just that the muscles that have been tense begin to relax and stretch. you.

The next step in the exercise is blinking. This is also important because, as we already know, blinking is one of the triggers for eye strain.

Staring into the distance with relaxed eyes, blink a few times, still leaving your gaze relaxed.

Now close your eyes and relax as much as possible, then reopen and look into the distance without trying to focus, sharpen, etc.

Close your eyes again, relax, and now open your eyes and look again at the object that you took in the beginning.

The exercise is over. More precisely, the first round of the exercise has been completed, and it is advisable to repeat it several more times.

Recommended exercise duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

We also recommend adding an affirmation to the exercise. Simply put, say out loud a relaxing phrase, for example: “Peace in me”, “Peace around me”, “I am calm.”

Affirmation is a really working psychological technique. In our case, it helps the exercise to improve vision.

When you say “Peace in me”, it is advisable to imagine how you calm down and find that very peace.

When you say “Peace around me,” imagine that there is a thick wall around you that will not allow anything to disturb you.

As you say “I am calm,” imagine that you are completely calm within, and peace surrounds you.

Friends, take care of your vision! Health dramatically changes the quality of our life. If it is bad, then in the negative direction, and if it is good, then in the positive. And it’s much easier to take care of your health now than trying to fix something when it completely deteriorates.

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