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The Malinsky Institute presents:

The launch of the vision improvement course!

Innovative treatment to improve vision in a natural and safe way!

Natural vision improvement

A new and revolutionary natural method in its field. The only method that improves your near or far vision without the need for any surgery

Rich experience

Working with more than 4500 clients for 14 years allows us to develop the method and prove its effectiveness in any situation.

Full support

Our experts are always with you and for you throughout the entire process. In addition, a full support system is at your disposal for any question along the way

Integrated approach

One exercise is not enough to improve vision. In order to get really good results, we combine knowledge and tools from complementary medicine, modern developments, psychology and nutrition.

Easy and comfortable exercises

We have prepared for you a variety of easy and convenient exercises that are at your disposal at any moment. Do it in your spare time, at home, at work and on the road. Natural eye exercises to improve vision

Customization for everyone

From the very beginning we will build together a personal plan for you, while taking into account the important personal characteristics of the body and vision. And we will go together towards the journey to improve vision

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מייסד ומנכ״ל החברה

Treatment and improvement of vision in a natural process!

If it is important to you to maintain the health of your eyes, and you do not want to use glasses


We suggest you take care of your eyes with the help of the Malinsky method to improve vision in a natural process!!! Well, the method has been tested by all the relevant parties and found to be completely safe and natural. A unique method that has proven its success with thousands of patients from all over the world. Thorough treatment from the root that heals the eye and solves the problem. And if the financial problem bothers you? We also thought about this and prepared 3 treatment plans, one of which can certainly suit you.

Some data from experience from the success from the percentages

of the company in various fields

שנות ניסיון
מטופלים במכון
100% שיטה טבעית
תוצאות בשיפור ראיה
Prevention of visual impairment
success rate 97%
Treatment of eye pain
success rate 93%
Treatment of dry eyes
success rate 94%
Treatment of myopia or farsightedness
success rate 92%

We will deal with the following issues together

Improving close vision

Let's improve your vision up close. The average rate of improvement is 10 to 15 lines per year. Download the eye test guide and you will simply discover wonders

Treatment of dry eyes

In the process of treating and improving dryness in the eyes, you feel the improvement after only a month, and usually within 3-4 months normal moisture returns to the eyes.

Improving distance vision

Improve your distance vision. On average, you can improve 15 to 25 lines per year. Download the eye test guide now and see how important it is

Treatment of eye pain

The pain in the eyes is really annoying and unpleasant, we can help you get rid of it. The treatment usually takes on average between one month and six months

Giving vitality and beauty to the eyes

Eyes are definitely the most important and beautiful thing in the human body, it is the mirror of our soul. We will help your eyes see and feel much better

Natural treatment of various eye problems

The healthiest treatment for the eyes is a natural treatment. We have experience in treating various eye problems in a natural way, we have seen success where conventional medicine throws up its hands.

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