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Yes! We also have a glasses shop and contact lenses. Because our clients improve vision using a natural method, glasses are required to replace glasses at a low frequency until they are completely wiped out of the glasses. With us, the glasses are integrated into the process of vision enhancement and eye healing. Because without glasses, the eye is more strained and we are meanwhile driven by the glasses. Therefore, it is important for us to give you glasses and lenses from leading firms in the world. And at cheap prices compared to stores that make a living from glasses

Glasses and contact lenses are auxiliary tools that help a person cope with the problems of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.


Negative points

People have learned to use concave lenses (-) to compensate for myopia. Another professional term for myopia is myopia (ellipse), when the eye is enslaved in an elliptical shape and cannot return to a round shape, and then the focus of vision when focusing on distant objects is formed in front of the retina, which leads to a blurry image on the retina. The main reason for myopia is the long-term use of the eyes at close range (study, reading, computer)


Plus points

The invention of glasses as a tool for correcting vision with convex (+) lenses was discovered in Italy in the 13th century. Plus, glasses are needed when an accurate image is built behind the retina to change the focus of vision closer to the lens. The need for positive glasses is found mainly in adulthood – older than 40-50 years, when the muscles of the eye weaken, resulting in the eyes lose their “accommodation” – the ability to change shape to focus at different distances.

In more rare cases, the need for positive glasses occurs in children and youth.



Another parameter that spoils vision is the loss of the symmetrical structure of the cornea, lens or retina. In most cases, this is because, in addition to the oval shape of the eye due to an imbalance of the eye muscles, the eye loses its symmetrical shape. Then the image hits the retina at an angle that causes double vision (astigmatism). This problem is solved due to the fact that the lenses are prepared slightly at an angle to compensate for the asymmetry of the eye.


Terms used recipe points:

R or RE – right eye

L or LE – left eye

RLE – both eyes

V.P.: near vision

ADD: Addition of diopters (+) for the delicate part of the lenses in multifocal and bifocal glasses

SPH: magnitude (diopters)

IV: Medium Vision – Used for prescription multifocal glasses with whiter 2 portions of the lens with different diopters for distance vision – upper part, medium distance (for a computer for example) and near vision.

CLY: cylinder

PLANO | PLAN = 0: no number

In the myopia problem (-) a concave lens removes the rays of light that make up the image on the retina so that a clear image is obtained. Visually distant (+) distances the convex lens that magnifies the objects and shortens the rays of light that reach the retina and from the brain to the data processing into a clear image.

The contact lens care is by putting the lens on the cornea right. A sterile environment is needed when contacting the lenses, so infections and teary eyes are very much the result of contact lenses.

Remote vision impairment has several reasons:

1. The main reason for distant vision – this is the wrong use of the eyes due to close use with the eyes closely. So the shortening eyes muscles lose their elasticity and non-violet changes the eye structure according to the need for vision at different distances. This process is called commodity. As a result, the eye remains elliptical and unable to return to a circular structure.

2. Because of health problems, there is no regular supply of blood to the eyes

3. Following mental stress

4. Lack of sleep.

Causes of near vision impairment:

Vision begins to deteriorate in most cases in old age, from 40 years and older. The reason for this is that the eye muscles weaken, and the eye muscles do not have the strength to change the shape of the eye to move the retina to a greater distance. Where is the clear image when we look at nearby objects.

When wearing glasses at low diopters (up to 3), the restrictions are relatively insignificant. As diopter grows, disability and dependence on glasses increases throughout the day.

Activities such as reading a book, driving, sports, swimming, etc. Wearing them with glasses is not convenient. Moreover, glasses as external devices often get dirty and impair vision.

Women have problems with aesthetics and coping with cosmetics and the like. There are also jobs or professions that do not accept wearing glasses, such as the course of pilots, fighters of military units, elite ocher and others.

If the problem is not addressed, vision will deteriorate and weaken and may cause eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, retinal diseases and others. In addition, it can affect the body’s health, mental and mental health status.

People are accustomed with visual impairment to an ophthalmologist, who usually refers to an optometrist. His job is to pick the right diopter for the glasses.

Thus, instead of treating the eyes, the opposite happens.

The problem is not solved but help to live with it.

With this approach Unfortunately, eye health only worsens over time more and more.

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