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“I was able to improve the vision with my lazy eye …”

I managed to improve the vision in my lazy eye, which saw only the top line. I see after 8 sessions 3 lines on a page. In the best case I put on glasses for reading 2.75 at the beginning of the course. Today I use old glasses with No. 1.5. Within a month I’ll be able to read without glasses. I succeeded even though I’m not so young anymore. Thanks to Joshua

Shoshana Fridman


“Before I signed up for the program, I had a number -5.5 …”

In addition to the high number of diopter, I also had dry eyes and felt tired in the eyes. I never believed that it was possible to improve the vision naturally, but I decided to give it a chance. I registered with the Melinski method and the vision began to improve, I began to see more and sharper. And after a few months I stopped wearing glasses, my eyesight improved, and the dryness of my eyes also passed, my dream came true! Thanks

David Kohan


“When vision deteriorated you were frustrated …”

I found the easy, quick and acceptable solution – glasses, a bit ugly but you can manage. But when the number went up and on I got bigger frustration and unresponsiveness, and finally, you began to realize that this is not the way to dismiss the problem. Real and restoring what I worked. At least stop the deterioration of vision. I was willing to invest as much as necessary to download at least some numbers that I could occasionally take off my glasses. Fortunately, I found the Melinski Institute for Eye Health. I did not hesitate twice. I signed up for a trial period and after seeing improvement I continued to accompany me for 10 months. Today after 10 months I wear glasses with three numbers less than I had and see with them how much I saw with the number I started, my vision continues to improve. I learned in my heart how to keep my eyes from the deterioration of vision that it gives me a wonderful feeling of control over my eyes. Even if sometimes I do the things that spoil the vision and the vision is weakened I feel a sense of security of control of the situation. Thanks to all the staff from Melinski, they are really experts in the field

Eli Danon


“I have suffered from a vision for many years …”

One day my girlfriend told me about the vision improvement program in a natural way she saw online. At first, I was not sure whether I should try or not, but I decided to try. Today I can see without glasses at all.



“My son’s teacher told me …”

My son’s teacher told me that my son could not see what a teacher was writing on the blackboard. I was shocked at the idea that my son would wear glasses, not to mention that it was a considerable expense from the family budget. “At first, I took my son to an optician, and he said that Benny has one and a half in his left eye And a quarter to the right eye. One day I saw a YouTube video explaining your vision improvement program, and I decided to enroll my son in the program. What a joy! Within a month Benny could see like everyone else!


Beer Sheva

More results of our clients:

Brahi Goldberg

Golding’s knees began the process when she wore glasses 2.75 – with the glasses, she recognized row 27 50% that she correctly identified 5 numbers in a row out of 10. And with glasses, she recognized row 15 30%. At the end of the process, Becky no longer wore glasses at all, and without glasses, she would have seen better than with glasses at the beginning of the process.

Lin Azuar

She started the process when she wore glasses 2.75 – with the glasses she recognized row 27 50% That means she correctly identified 5 numbers in a line from Lynn Azwar began the process of improving the eyesight by the Melinski method when she was wearing glasses -6 plus cylinders, within ten months she lowered 3 Numbers in glasses with cylinders, and improved a total of 15 lines in the visual test table. Lynn also learned how to use the eyes during school and during the effort to maintain proper vision throughout life.

Edna Ambao

Edna Ambao began the process of improving vision with the Melinski method when her vision was minus 2 and she wore 1.5 glasses. Within eight months Edna improved her vision. Adana also learned how to use her eyes while studying and during another effort to keep her eyesight Life.