Eye dryness

Do you feel tired and burning with eyes? Maybe you felt like you got sand in your eyes? You may suffer from eye dryness. The causes of dryness in the eyes are many: from prolonged reading / sitting in front of a computer, taking certain medications, diseases like diabetes and more. What everyone has in common is that the eye does not produce enough tears, or the tears drain too quickly, or the surface of the eye is abnormal. Like those who underwent laser eye surgery.

The usual treatment is to add artificial tears and prevent the rapid evaporation of the tears. The Malinsky method offers comprehensive and thorough treatment for the prevention or reduction of dry eye. The treatment combines a variety of our treatments and developments, from our many years of experience to thousands of patients. 

The differences between treatment methods

The usual treatment for dry eyes

Dry eye treatment is by eye drops and ointments, depending on the nature of the problem. There are also special contact lenses that help maintain eye moisture.

Лечение сухости глаз по методу Малинского

With the Malinsky method, we help dry-eyed sufferers on several channels in parallel: a nutritionist’s advice and guidance for adopting a healthier menu and a calmer lifestyle. Energetic and focused therapy for strengthening and healing the eyes and restoring vitality and moisture in the eyes. The treatment is personal to each patient and is accompanied by a specialist care and monitoring consultant.

В заключении

Если вам важно здоровье глаз и вы не хотите всю жизнь использовать очки, то мы предлагаем вам позаботиться о глазах, используя метод Малинского! Этот естественный и безопасный метод, который доказал свой успех с несколькими тысячами пациентов со всего мира.
Для вас доступно три плана лечения. Выберите один из них через бесплатную консультацию

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