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Do you feel tired and burning with eyes? Maybe you felt like you got sand in your eyes? You may suffer from eye dryness. The causes of dryness in the eyes are many: from prolonged reading / sitting in front of a computer, taking certain medications, diseases like diabetes and more. What everyone has in common is that the eye does not produce enough tears, or the tears drain too quickly, or the surface of the eye is abnormal. Like those who underwent laser eye surgery.

The usual treatment is to add artificial tears and prevent the rapid evaporation of the tears. The Malinsky method offers comprehensive and thorough treatment for the prevention or reduction of dry eye. The treatment combines a variety of our treatments and developments, from our many years of experience to thousands of patients.

Dryness in this eyes a feeling of fatigue, eye pain, light sensitivity, the feeling of a foreign body that penetrated the eye. It causes blurred vision or redness in the eyes.

This problem is common in older age and more women suffer from eye dryness. It can be caused by prolonged reading or sitting in front of a computer, it can be diabetes, smoking, contact lenses, prolonged exposure to sunlight or a dusty place.

Eye dryness can be caused by old age, health problems like diabetes, smoking, prolonged work in front of a computer, exposure to the sun and dust, even long contact lens wear causes eye dryness.

In the age of laser eye surgery, the problem of eye dryness may also occur. Because the eye area is scarred (although minimal ..) and the eyelid does not wipe / diffuse the tears smoothly on the eye area.

The dryness of the eyes causes discomfort, blurred vision, sunlight sensitivity, redness of the eyes. It may impair the recovery of the eye after eye surgery. Not pleasant at all.

Dry eye treatment involves adding artificial tears and preventing the rapid evaporation of the tears. Some patients will need to use eye drops over time and others only for a short time. The strength of the drops is also determined by the type of eye injury. There are also special contact lenses. Various ointments for healing eyelid inflammation and the like.

We, in the Malinsky method, help to cope with dryness in the eyes and restore vitality. The treatment consists of a healthy diet, training and practice of the eyes. And various energetic treatments.

Наиболее распространенный вариант сегодня — это очки или лазерная хирургия. (См. ниже).

Мы в институте Малинского лечим корень проблемы дальнозоркости. В рамках лечения мы укрепим всю структуру глаз и зрения. В результате глаз функционирует лучше, а зрение улучшается как в дали, так и вблизи.

У нас есть несколько планов лечения, один из которых может вам подойти. Лечение является естественным и более безопасным способом, чем лазерная хирургия.

Вы получите набор упражнений для лечения и увидите прогресс в улучшении зрения. 

The differences between treatment methods

Общепринятые методы

Dry eye treatment is by eye drops and ointments, depending on the nature of the problem. There are also special contact lenses that help maintain eye moisture.

Immediate help with symptom and discomfort.

Does not solve the root of the problem

Neglecting eye care results in additional eye health problems

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По методу Малинского

With the Malinsky method, we help dry-eyed sufferers on several channels in parallel: a nutritionist’s advice and guidance for adopting a healthier menu and a calmer lifestyle. Energetic and focused therapy for strengthening and healing the eyes and restoring vitality and moisture in the eyes. The treatment is personal to each patient and is accompanied by a specialist care and monitoring consultant.

Addressing the root of the problem

Comprehensive holistic care for the entire visual system

Helps solve the problem and not only helps to live with the problem.

Inexpensive treatment price

Not suitable for those who do not have the time or do not want to invest in the health of their eyes


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If eye health is important to you and you do not want to use glasses all your life, then we suggest you take care of your eyes using the Malinsky method! This is a natural and safe method that has proven its success with several thousand patients from all over the world. There are three treatment plans available to you. Choose one of them through a free consultation

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